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About us


The Tax and business consultancy firm Casetta, Montalcini, Arcozzi - Masino, Menis & Associate was founded in Turin in 1989 with the mission, within our legal framework, of embracing professionals already working together and adapting operational features with the new demands of the global market.

The Tax and business consultancy firm Casetta, Montalcini, Arcozzi-Masino, Menis & Associate provides a general management assistance to businesses, organizations, institutions and families.

The support and the strategic management analysis carried out by the Firm allow the entrepreneur to create a company profile which complies with the characteristics and essential information required by the market and supports him in the business decisions by providing a model of his business.

Our constant support aims to provide the entrepreneur with a self assessment tool allowing a periodic revision of the business strategies,guaranteeing, amongst others, the following activities:

- Tax and corporate assistance and consulting;

- Drafting Commercial and corporate contracts;

- Assisting on incorporation and winding-up of companies;

- Advising on tax and international law;

- Appraisals evaluations, arbitrations, here included by judical                         appointments;

- Business checks up and operational projects aimed on overcoming and      fiscal litigation.





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